Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Comic Review: Severed - Volume 1

My apologies on the long break in reviewing. I am still trying to catch up with my reading. My commute recently got a lot better. Unfortunately that means less time to read during the mornings and afternoon. I promise I will try to catch up soon. For now enjoy this review of another comic, since I have been reading a lot of those lately.


"Eisner Award winner SCOTT SNYDER (Batman, Swamp Thing, American Vampire), Scott Tuft & NYT Best-Selling-Artist Attila Futaki (The Lightning Thief) bring you the complete collected hardcover of the scariest horror comic of the year, SEVERED.

1916. A man haunts the roads; a man with sharp teeth and a hunger for flesh. When 12 year-old Jack Garron runs away from home, he'll see how quickly the American Dream becomes a nightmare. 

Collecting all 7 issues of the critically acclaimed series, and featuring never-before-seen bonus material, this hardcover deluxe version is sure to be a classic."


I had such high hopes for this comic. As a self-professed horror affectionato and lover of all things supernatural I really, really, really wanted to like this comic. The cover art was what initially drew me in and the plot seemed interesting enough. Needless to say I didn't hesitate to pay the $17.99 and could wait to begin reading the comic.

While I did finish the series and it was certainly entertaining, I would hardly call it the "scariest horror comic of the year." Or maybe I'm just desensitized to what most people who call "scary" or "creepy"? The plot was pretty solid. The setting worked and added to the ambiance especially since I have this theory that all good horror stories get their beginning around the early 20th century or earlier.

The main characters were even extremely likable and I found myself caring about what happened to them, but I think I was just disappointed by how much I wasn't completely creeped out by this comic.

I think there was an element of surprise that was missing from this comic. I knew immediately who the monster was before I reached the end of the first issue. I think it would have been more suspenseful if the reader had found out who the "bad guy" was at the same time the main character did. There was just no guesswork here.

The artwork was really what kept me reading and what helped me finish the comic. It's dark and gritty enough and and it works.

But it is definitely not a comic I see myself reading again.

Rating: 2/5

Severed is available on or wherever comic books are sold. 



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