Sunday, September 8, 2013

Book Review: Compelled (The Sidhe)

"London’s made mistakes. A lot of them. Enough so that she’s been marked for elimination by a powerful Unseelie Sidhe. As a human cursed with an addiction to the Touch of the Sidhe, her life and her future depends on finding a Sidhe who will hire her on a permanent basis. The only way to put her reputation for causing trouble behind her is to prove herself by tracking down a powerful druid who’s endangering the Sidhe. But when old enemies resurface, can London trust the man she was sent to investigate? Or will this finally be her fatal mistake?"

In keeping with the overall connectedness of The Sidhe series, Compelled does an amazing job in continuing the overall tone of the series and piecing together the events that have happened so far. This book runs concurrently with Protector of Light (Champion of the Sidhe) and focuses on London meeting Lugh for the first time.

London is possibly the most flawed character in The Sidhe series but despite her short comings she proves that she isn't necessarily a bad person, just human and desperate. Sadly she is a victim of her circumstances and despite the fact that she has made many mistakes throughout the course of the series, some of which have helped and hurt her and the Unseelie fae, I still cannot help but hope that she eventually finds some way to return to her previous life.

Only time will tell how well London and Lugh's manipulative partnership will turn out. For London's sake, I hope it turns out well, but considering how bad her addiction to the Touch is, I know that it can only go downhill from here.

Rating: 5/5

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