Monday, April 22, 2013

TV Show Review: TV Shows I've Been Watching

If Sarah only knew what was in store, she would have never picked up the purse.

I've reached a pivotal point in my relationship with my television. It's Sunday night and I sit on the couch just like every Sunday night, anxiously waiting for The Walking Dead to start. Only... the season finale was March 31 and now I have nothing to watch until season 4 starts. I have one of two choices, sit around whining about how I have to wait until October for The Walking Dead or try to find something else to watch. Grudgingly, I do the latter. Fortunately for me, the amount of money I pay each month to the cable company often pays off and I discovered a slew of new shows that I now watch during the week and, of course, I have reconnected with some of the shows I had been watching.

Doctor Who (Series 7)
BBC America, Saturday, 8 p.m. EDT
So the time has come for the Doctor to bid farewell to the Williamses or the Ponds, as the Doctor frequently called them. But he is back in the second part of the series with a new companion, Clara. But the Doctor will soon learn that perhaps the most puzzling thing in the universe is his new friend.

Orphan Black
BBC America, Saturday, 9 p.m. EDT
For Sarah Manning, growing up as an orphan hasn't always been easy, and her life is about to get a lot more complicated. When she sees a girl who looks exactly like her jump in front of a train, Sarah assumes her identity in order to steal the contents of her bank account, but what Sarah discovers about the girl and herself will change her entire life forever.
BBC America, Saturday, 10 p.m. EDT
The nerdiest hour on television doesn't disappoint. Host, Chris Hardwick, and correspondents welcome actors, writers, comedians, scientists and other iconic figures in nerd culture. What could be better than an entire hour of guaranteed laughs? Need proof? Check out this clip featuring Karen Gillan, Amy Pond from Doctor Who.

SyFy, Monday, 9 p.m. EDT
Jeb Nolan was only 10-years-old when he witnessed the Votans arrive on Earth. The aliens had lost their solar system and were looking to make a new home on Earth. They weren't welcome and fought the humans to stay on the planet. Nolan served in the military during the war. Years later, Nolan and his adopted daughter, Irisa, find themselves in the town of Defiance, what was formerly St. Louis. Everything is different and Nolan will discover that the town isn't exactly as safe as the residents make it out to be.  

What shows have you been watching?  



  1. Oh no, more TV to get addicted to :/

    The only show I have that's a "must watch" is Scandal. I don't really care if I miss any of my other recorded shows!

    Love your new design! (I don't know how *new* it is, but I haven't clicked out of Reader for your blog in awhile :)

    1. Thanks Angie! It's really new and still a work in progress but it's getting there.

      I still haven't seen Scandal but everyone says I need to watch it. I guess I should start watching. Lol.

      Hope you are doing well!

  2. Haven't heard of Orphan Black. Might be worth a watch.

    1. It's definitely not too late to start watching. It's only four episodes in. It's very addicting. :)



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