Thursday, October 18, 2012

TV Show Review: Beauty and the Not so Beast (Beauty & The Beast)

I'm slacking on the book reading front since my commute is shorter and I have less free time, sadly. I should be finished reading Flesh Eaters, Joe McKinney's third book in the Dead Eaters series soon. But for now, I have written this review of the pilot episode of the CW's Beauty and the Beast which definitely classifies as urban fantasy. A female detective teams up with a genetically modified half man/half beast creature to fight crime... if that doesn't say urban fantasy, I don't know what does.

This new, hour-long drama on the CW focuses on Catherine "Cat" Chandler (Kristen Kreuk), a homicide detective for the New York police department. When she was a teenager, Cat's mother was brutally gunned down by two men. The men then turn to chase Catherine who runs into the woods. When it looks like she might be done for, a strange, shadowy figure saves her. Catherine isn't sure but she thinks her hero wasn't quite human.

Years later, Cat becomes a homicide detective and while investigating a new case, Cat discovers some fingerprints that lead her to Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan), a doctor who was reportedly killed when serving in Afghanistan in 2002. She later discovers that Vincent is still alive and has been hiding for the past 10 years. With the help of his friend and roommate, Vincent has been able to hide the fact that when he gets angry he turns into a horrible beast.

Cat learns that it was Vincent who saved her from the gunmen. She agrees to keep his secret to herself, but her obsession begins straining her relationships with her friends and her family who are still alive. Cat isn't so sure that she can trust Vincent but she will need his help to keep the city safe.

Having not seen the original 1987 Beauty and the Beast I went into this show completely blindsided.

Here's the good: Great actors. It's about a badass, homicide detective who is a woman. Possibly a solid story line (we'll see).
The bad: The dialogue. The pilot moved entirely too fast. It's almost like they are trying to squeeze too much into one episode. I am hoping that this improves as the series goes on.
The ugly: Or not so ugly. Honestly, I feel like the show's writers and special effects people could have legitimately tried to make Jay Ryan look more beastly. Yeah, he does turn into a cat-like thing when he's angry, but when he's not the "cat-thing" he just has this gigantic scar across his cheek which honestly... makes him more attractive. (Or maybe I'm just a weirdo. Probably a bit of both.) Ryan is way too gorgeous to be "the beast." Maybe his personality makes him more "beast-like"?

It's still early enough in the series where my review could change, but for now I'm giving Beauty and the Beast a 3/5. It has a lot of potential and I think it could be great depending on the direction of the story and hopefully they switch out the writers on each episode. Hopefully?

I'll probably stick around for a few more episodes to see if it gets better and to see Vincent, of course. :)

Rating: 3/5


  1. Beauty is the CW's formula. Every guy has got to look smokin' hot, or it won't succeed.

    1. Hehe! :) With the exception of Supernatural, most of the CW's shows have a poor storyline and awful dialogue. I think casting good looking actors doesn't work for them. *sigh* I really wish they would see the bigger picture.



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