Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Book Review: Addicted (The Sidhe)


S.A. Archer's Addicted picks up where Cursed, the first book in the Touched arch of The Sidhe, left off. London is obsessed with finding a cure for the Touch. She slowly discovers that there is absolutely nothing that will keep the curse away for long except being near a Sidhe.

She finds hope in a changeling named Rand who makes a fortune selling fey blood drinking sessions to vampires. London teams up with a pack of vampires and engages in their "pleasure romp."

She finds out from Rand that the only way she can continue to get her "fix" is if she becomes his hired gun. But it's clear that Rand's intentions are far from finding helpless changelings like the cases she had worked in the past.

Just how far will London go to get the Touch and what will she lose to get it?


Addicted delves deeper into the darker side of London's curse and the very real fact that she might not find a cure. There are also more adult themes - sex, guns, violence - in this novel.

What is interesting in Addicted is the obvious change we see in London as the curse begins to consume her. Despite the captured fey being drugged and tortured she can only think about getting her own fix and not about helping the fey. She quickly begins to compromise some of her morals and beliefs.

Despite it's slow start I am curious about this sort of regression in London's character. It will be interesting to see if she will continue on the path she's currently on or try to help the fey race. One thing is clear by the end of the book that she will probably interact with them very soon.

Rating: 4/5



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