Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Book Review: Darkness Becomes Her

So I am a spaz who cannot update my blog regularly. In my defense though I haven't had much time to read or review these past few weeks, sadly...

A work project has become my new best friend. Yeah?

But onto the review!


Ari Selkirk's silver hair and alien blue eyes make her a bit of an outcast. Not only doesn't she look like everyone else, but her birth mother abandoned her 13 years ago leaving her with her foster parents, Bruce and Casey Sanderson.  The Sandersons run a bail bond and teach Ari how to use a variety of different weapons... ya know, just in case.

Ari loves her parents dearly but begins to get curious about her past. She learns that she was born in the former New Orleans, now known as New 2. The city was destroyed during a hurricane and is now completely overrun by vampires, witches and gods among other supernatural beings.
With the blessing of her parents, Ari travels to New 2 to find out more about her birth mother and her mysterious suicide.

A letter from her birth mother tells her to steer clear of New 2 but Ari wants answers. She isn't prepared for her abrupt welcoming when she finally arrives in New 2. After narrowly avoiding an attack from a mysterious swordsman, it is clear that there is more to Ari than just her silver hair and oddly colored eyes and the key to discovering her future past lies in her Mother's past.


If you mixed mythology with your typical cast of supernaturals (i.e- vampires, witches, shapeshifters and the like) then added a little bit of a dystopian and steampunk backdrop you'd get this novel.

You're probably thinking: "wow, that's a lot of supernatural elements in one novel." There are so many opportunities where Darkness Becomes Her could have fallen flat. Author Kelly Keaton, who writes adult novels under Kelly Gay (check out her Charlie Madigan series), does a good job of presenting the storyline and characters in a way that's both interesting, keeps you guessing and makes sense. Well as much sense as a story about gods, vampires and witches can.

The world building is phenomenal in this novel.While there are elements of the kinds of stuff New Orleans is famous for (references to voodoo, magics and of course supernaturals), there are enough differences to make the city feel like it's own little world.

Despite being a young adult novel Ari uses some adult language which I didn't mind in the slightest, but then again I'm pushing the big 2-5. If you read the other series Keaton pens under her name Kelly Gay, Charlie is a tough but level headed female lead and Ari is the same.

Things I loved about this novel: Crank, Violet, Henri, Dub and Sebastian. For being a ragtag band of orphans they have excellent chemistry and are quick to welcome Ari into their little family. Other things I loved about this novel: the fact that a large part of the plot is centered around gods. Athena makes an appearance and she's just as vicious and ruthless as I'd always hoped the right story would make her out to be.

Darkness Becomes Her is unlike any young adult novel I've read before and it's that uniqueness in the plotline that makes it worth a read.

Rating: 5/5

Read a preview of Darkness Becomes Her on Google Books! Look for Darkness Becomes Her and A Beautiful Evil, the second book in the Gods and Monsters Series in stores now!



  1. holy had me with your first review sentence..and all its yumminess! LOL adding this one to my list. Hope your work budding lets you read soon!

  2. Kimba88- Thanks! Glad you liked the review! I really hope I get some downtime to. :( Hopefully I'll finish this project soon. Enjoy the novel!

  3. Cool trailer and I love the title.

  4. Emma- I do too! I just love the title and cover for the next book, A Beautiful Evil. Can't wait to start reading!



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