Friday, February 17, 2012

Book Review: Downpour (A Greywalker Novel)

In Downpour, book six of the Greywalker series by Kat Richardson, Harper Blaine, everyone's favorite supernatural crime fighting P.I., returns to her mystery solving beginnings. 


While conducting a pre-trail interview for lawyer, Nanette Glover, Harper has a vision of a brutal car accident that happened years before. Realizing that she is seeing the accident in the Grey--the fuzzy area between the physical world and the next--she slips further into the Grey and goes to the car, thinking she can help. It's here where she meets Steven Leung who tells her that what happened to him wasn't an accident.

Harper investigates and finds out Steven is still listed as a missing person. Determined to find out what happened to him, Harper stays in town to talk to his daughters, Jewel and Willow. It doesn't take long for her to realize that the Leungs aren't your typical American family. 

She begins to suspect that something more supernatural thrives in the town and the presence of demons near the lake confirms her suspicions. There is evil in Lake Cresent, and it's up to Harper to find out how to stop it before it kills again.

It took me a little while to figure out why I didn't enjoy this novel as much as I did the others in the series. 

It was sort of eating away at me and I actually sat and thought about it before writing this review. I came to the conclusion that it's because it seems like everything that's been happening with Harper so far comes to a grinding halt in this novel. 

In book five of the series, Harper was literally in the fight of her life. She had to track down vampire overlord, Edward Kammerling in London, find out who killed her father, and save her own hide from Wygan--one of the astetem, a race of powerful ancient vampires--who needs Harper for his evil scheme

That whole saga ended in Labyrinth and I was looking forward to more action packed scenes, maybe some more explanations about the astetem and the vampires, more talks with the Danzingers who are probably my favorite secondary characters (by the way)-- but that's not what happened. 

Downpour honestly seems like a filler novel which is disappointing since I had so many unanswered questions after Labyrinth.

The plotline in this novel feels like something that Richardson would have done early on in the series. It's the classic, "solve the case, save the town" kind of story. I love those types of novels, don't get me wrong, but without the character growth or any advancement in the overarching plot it just falls flat and quickly becomes dull and hard to read. It just feels much too late in the series for this.

There are some references to earlier events and there's a brief exchange with Will's brother, Michael, and some dialogue with Seattle Police Detective Rey Solis about Will's disappearance, but that ultimately goes nowhere except a trip down memory lane. 

However, I digress. There were a number of  things I did like about the book. As usual Richardson continues to create interesting new characters. I really liked Jin and Harper's "frienemy-like" relationship with him; and Willow, one of Steven's daughters, was so looney she was perfect. The witty banter between Harper and Quinton was cute and funny as always. And Richardson continues to be amazing at world building and creating the desolate and creepy feeling that you get when Harper slips into the Grey. 

As a long time fan of the series, I will read the next book. I just hope that book seven will have the same flair that made me fall in love with the series in the beginning.

Rating: 3/5

Downpour is the sixth book in the Greywalker series. Read my review for the first book in the series, Greywalker, here. Also in this series: Poltergeist, Underground, Vanished, and Labyrinth. Look for Seawitch, book seven in the Greywalker series, August 2012. 



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