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TV Show Review: Four TV Shows You Should Be Watching If You Aren't Already...

Don't touch that dial! These shows make
primetime fun again.
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It's a day ending in 'Y' and you're bored. You just suffered through the commute home from work and there is nothing you'd like better than sitting on the couch with a giant bowl of popcorn and vegging out to some good TV.

Only you don't know what's on...

You could watch Jersey Shore or The Bachelorette (season... what season is it on again?) but maybe you aren't drunk enough or just haven't lost enough brain cells to enjoy the pure cinematic excellence of either of those shows.

You could call someone and see if they want to hang out, possibly skipping the entire TV viewing experience all together, but you're already on the couch with your popcorn and the phone is in the next room. So that idea's completely out...

Get reacquainted with your remote this week with these awesomely supernatural TV shows. I can almost guarantee none will disappoint.

(For the purposes of this post not being as long as a novel, I'm focusing specifically on TV shows that are on the air currently... as in right now. I'm thinking of doing another post for shows that premiere later in February.)

Being Human (Currently on Season 2) - Monday nights @ 9/8c 
A ghost, a werewolf, and a vampire all live together in a townhouse in the middle of downtown Boston...

Sounds like either a really bad joke or a really funny sitcom, right? But it's the premise of a supernatural TV drama about three roommates: Sally, Josh, and Aidan who struggle to deal with what they are, while trying to appear normal to the rest of humanity. 

We could argue all day about the differences in the North American and the British versions of Being Human. As someone who is a fan of both I can honestly say that they're both entertaining shows with two completely different story lines. Like oranges and tangerines, similar but still really, really different. Both are definitely worth checking out.

[As a side note: I'm sorry British version, but the music in the North American version is amazing. Not sure who's picking out the music for the show but I'm thinking they deserve a raise for their awesome taste in music. Bravo.]

Follow @BeingFans on Twitter and check out their website for entertaining podcasts, interviews, recaps, news, and information about Being Human. They also do a great job of running commentary during the new episodes on Monday nights. Guaranteed to always be hilarious, especially since they always seem to Tweet exactly what you're thinking. :) Available on iTunes and Podcast Revolution

Grimm (Currently on Season 1) - Friday nights @ 9/8c
When a TV show can somehow successfully combine crime solving with supernatural monsters it's definitely getting my vote. Detective Nick Burkhardt finds out that he is a decedent from a long line of "Grimmswho fight to keep humanity safe from the storybook monsters that they don't even realize are living right next door.

I just wish NBC would move it to another time on Fridays so it doesn't have to compete with my Supernatural time... *hint* *hint hint*

Supernatural (Currently on Season 7) - Friday nights @ 9/8c
The Winchester brothers have been to hell and back (literally) fighting the forces of evil. The more monsters and demons they hunt the more Sam and Dean realize that there are two things they can always count on: evil and apocalypses.

I hate this analogy, but Supernatural really is like a fine wine or a well aged cheese. It's been on for seven seasons and only continues to get better and funnier as the series progresses.

Check out The EMF podcast, from the same people that brought you Being Fans. Just as hilarious and entertaining. Available on iTunes and Podbean

Once Upon A Time (Currently on Season 1) - Sunday nights @ 8/7c
Remember those Disney movies you watched as a kid? Remember how everything else could go to hell in a hand basket during the movie but by the end it was fluffy kittens and rainbows? Yeah, forget that. In this show no one gets a fairy tale ending.

Or they did... a long time ago in another life, but the evil queen cast a spell making all the characters of the fairytales forget who they really are. Now they all live in a small town called Storybook and newcomer, Emma Swan, might be the only one who can save them from their curse.

Follow @OnceUponATimePC on Twitter for entertaining podcasts, recaps and the latest news and information on Once Upon a Time!



  1. I watch and addicted to all of these!

  2. Danielle- Me too! Plus The Walking Dead. I can't wait until it starts again in a few weeks! :)



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