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Book Review: End of the World (The Sidhe)

Nothing is more off-putting than when you tell someone you're reading a book about the Fae and they ask you if you're reading about "fairies." It's like explaining the entire premise of an urban fantasy novel that has mention of vampires and they ask if you if you like Twilight.

No. I do not like Twilight.

And no. I do not like Tinkerbell.

I only bring this up because it seems to happen more than I would like. But you can rest assured that these fae are nothing like the the fairies in Disney movies and kids books.


In End of the World: Champion of the Sidhe (Part 1) by S.A. Archer we are first introduced to Lugh, the Champion of the Sidhe for the Seelie court. The Seelie are the light fey--think elven. They are the purebloods and of higher status than the Unseelie-- dark or "lesser fey."

The Seelie and the Unseelie courts are about to put their differences aside and unite their people and their lands. During the ceremony Jhaer, Lugh's nemesis and the head of the Unseelie Elite, crosses into Seelie territory. Lugh believes he poses a treat and attacks. They soon realize that something else is amidst once the ground starts to shake and the Mounds--the realm where the Fey call their home--begins collapsing. Jhaer struggles to hold onto the Mounds' energy to let all of the Fey escape while Lugh rushes to the castle. He can sense that something is very, very wrong. Once he gets there he discovers that a murder has occurred that could start a war between the Seelie and Unseelie.

The Sidhe is a series of short novellas; each spanning only a few chapters but the stories themselves are interesting and the cliffhanger is definitely suspenseful enough to make you want to read the next book. I particularly appreciated the format of the series. It felt almost like watching a TV show. All of the books in the Champion of the Sidhe series are told from Lugh's point of view.

Lugh sort of feels like the "golden boy" to me; like he can do no wrong and strives to always make the right decision. It will be interesting to see if he continues down the path towards good or if his determination will lead him down a different path completely.

A great introduction into this series and I'm looking forward to reading Champion of the Fey.

Rating: 4.5/5


In AfterShock: Rise of the Unseelie (Part I) by S.A. Archer and , the focus is now on Jhaer, the head of the UnSeelie Elite, and what happens to him after the Mounds' collapse. Jhaer manages to escape to Earth. He wants to try to rebuild but quickly discovers that things are different for the fey living amongst humans. Jhaer learns about fey that are earthbound and were outcast from the Mounds. He rescues many of them from vampires, wizards, and other creatures that enjoy the taste of fey blood and the power of their magic a little too much.

Only time will tell what Jhaer's intentions are and if faerie has managed to avoid a war.


Aftershock was a little longer than End of the World but still short enough to read in one sitting. The events in the beginning of Aftershock mirrored the story in the End of the World. But the stories in this series are told from Jhaer's point of view, and honestly I think this series is going to be my favorite. Unlike Lugh, Jhaer seems less privileged golden child and more tortured bad boy--like you know he had to struggle for everything in life. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) those are the types of characters I connect with more and so I tend to gravitate towards Jhaer more than Lugh.

The world building and Archer's writing style really resonated with me. There is a real sense of what the fey will  have to encounter in their new home and it isn't as welcoming as the Mounds were. The story feels a lot more underground in that gritty, dirty and dangerous sort of way.   

Despite enjoying both books, I'm particularly curious to see where Archer will take Jhaer's character.

Rating: 5/5

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