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Book Review: Sins of the Angels

I've mentioned this before on the blog that I've recently been reading books and watching more TV shows and movies involving angels. I really like the concept of angels going rogue; that something that was created to be good could ultimately obtain free will and become evil. This is why I picked up, Sins of the Angels, the first book in Linda Poitevin's new series, The Grigori Legacy.


The series follows Alexandra (Alex) Javis, a homicide detective with the Toronto police force. Her partner has recently retired and Alex ends up getting a new partner, Aramael-- Alex knows hims as Jacob Trent. Aramael is an angel, a Power, sent to protect Alex from his evil fallen angel twin brother, Caim. Aramael is a hunter and his mission is to capture Caim, who has escaped from his imprisonment only to start killing humans.

Alex is also looking for Caim even though she doesn't know it yet. Caim is the one who has been committing serial killer style murders throughout Toronto.

Alex isn't so sure about her new partner, Jacob. They argue and bicker at every turn, and every time she looks at him she sees fiery wings and begins to question her own sanity.

As Aramael tries to protect Alex from Caim it's obvious that he can only protect her for so long before she starts to discover the truth about who she is.


By the time I finished this book, I honestly felt that it didn't grab me the way that I thought it should have. That isn't to say that another reader might not enjoy this series; and there were a number of things that I loved about this novel.

The fact that the story wasn't about vampires warrants five points. I love vampires but they're everywhere nowadays. It's nice to find a novel that doesn't focus on them. Two, it takes place in Canada! I found this to be particularly thrilling since it seems that most Urban Fantasy novels are set in the U.S.

Three, it is obvious that Poitvein knows her stuff and has done her research on angels in the biblical context to include the different hierarchies in heaven. I also liked the idea that heaven runs like a bureaucracy, with different angels having more power and say-so than others. There is also the feeling that the angels just go along with whatever God, the One, wants them to do. They have no concept of free will or how to think for themselves. When circumstances occur later on in the story where Aramael is forced to chose between going against protocol or risking Alex, the consequences for him "breaking the rules" are dire. I was thoroughly impressed. Also, God is a woman. Enough said.

However, it is important for me to mention that I never felt like I really got into the story or connected with any of the main characters.  To be fair, I am picky when it comes to my U.F. and I do realize that this is the first book in the series.

The story centers around Alex and the other police officers trying to catch a suspect who they think is a serial killer, but the mystery aspect just isn’t there. Within the first few chapters I already know who the killer is. I also know what Alex is early on in the story and that she's important to the angels. Of course Alex doesn't know this; but I felt it was a mystery without the actual mystery and it sort of killed a lot of the suspense, at least for me. 

I like it when I can read a book and follow along with the main character and learn as they learn, so to speak; just so there’s more suspense and a surprise by the time I finally get to the end of the book. I also think that’s why I never could really latch onto the story, for me I love a good mystery in a story almost as much as I love the monsters.

It was also difficult for me to like either Alex or Aramael. I don't know if it was because they spent a large part of the novel hating each other, then lusting after each other, then hating each other again. I felt like more of the story was focused on their odd relationship and less on the actual progression of events in the story. This was explained later on in the novel but it was a little annoying after a while. It was also distracting enough to where I felt like I didn't get a good read on the characters or their personalities.

Overall, the concept and premise are very promising; and like I said early on in my review, some things that I have mentioned might appeal to other readers, they just didn't appeal to me.

Rating: 2.5/5

Sins of the Angels is the first book in The Grigori Legacy series. Sins of the Son, the second book in the series, will be avaliable March 27, 2012!  


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