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Author Interview: Patti Roberts, author of the Paradox series

Australian native, Patti Roberts, is the 
author of the Paradox Series. 
Today I am interviewing Patti Roberts, author of the Paradox series. I recently did a review on the first book in the series, Paradox: The Angels Are Here, and asked Ms. Roberts if she wouldn't mind being interviewed on the blog. 

Just days away from the release of the next book in her Paradox Series, Ms. Roberts was kind enough to share some details on Progeny of Innocence with us! She also talks about her book, I Believe, which explores supernatural occurrences.

Progeny of Innocence will be released in e-book format on December 1.

The Reading List (RL): Who were some of your favorite authors growing up? 
Patti Roberts (PR): You know I was never a big reader as a kid. I did love comics though.  Especially Tintin. :)

RL: What do you do when you’re not writing?  
PR: Trust me, very little.  I love spending time writing.  But other than that, I love reading, watching my favorite TV shows, a good movie.  Spending time with friends out to the patio and a good game of Chess!  With a cup of tea.  Red wine optional…  Sometimes Vodka with lemonade or cranberry juice...

RL: The plotline in the Paradox series is very unique and different from other fantasy novels. What is your inspiration for the series? 
PR: Paradox was the outcome of a mind that was feeling somewhat tortured after a failed relationship.  I needed to do something positive with my frazzled emotions.  So I bought a laptop and started to write the Paradox series.  To me, Paradox is Emotion, the good and the bad.

RL: Without giving too much away, how do you feel Grace’s character has grown in Progeny of Innocence? What can fans of the series expect in the second book?  
PR: Grace is not a little girl any more!  However she is still learning.  She has learnt that the burdens of some crosses are hers to bear alone.  The reader will learn more about the ancient world that belongs to Abaddon, Pandora, Siena, and Theria…  A world rich with Myth, legend, and magic...  And the new world, where Grace, still tormented from a long ago past that she is yet to understand, wants nothing more than to lead a normal life.  Make friends and fall in love...  Just like any other teenager.

RL: When will Progeny of Innocence be released and where will it be available? 
PR: Progeny will be available on the 1st of December and available in all ebook formats from Smashwords. Then other online stores including Amazon and Barnes & Noble within days.  The paperback will be available by mid December.  Just in time for Christmas holiday reading.

RL: You have another book, I Believe, that you are currently working on. Can you explain the premise of the book? What inspired you to write it?  

PR: I Believe is a compilation of real peoples real stories and beliefs.  It is open to the public.  It is an opportunity for likeminded people to have their stories published that would otherwise not have done so.  The ebook will always be free to everyone.  The paperback that will be eventually published will be available and priced so as just to cover costs.

RL: Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?  

PR: Never say never.  READ as much as you can.  WRITE as much as you can.  Then reread and rewrite as much as you can.  Have someone else edit for you.  The more eyes the better.  It is impossible to edit your own work. Give it to someone to read back to you out loud so you can hear how the story flows.  Then read and write some more.

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