Thursday, October 20, 2011

Book News: October is International Urban Fantasy Month! Why I love UF!

Author Jaye Wells is hosting a book
giveaway in honor of  in honor of
International Urban Fantasy Month!

October is officially International Urban Fantasy Month as proclaimed by author Jaye Wells (@JayeWells). For the last two weeks in October she is giving away 25 UF titles to five lucky winners if you leave a comment on her blog or blog about why you love urban fantasy. You can check out details on her blog!

There's a ridiculously long list of reasons why I love urban fantasy.

Growing up I'd always played around with the the possibility that there was something else out there. Surely--I told myself-- one cannot just go to school, finish school, get a job, work for the rest of your life, and then one day, when you least expect it, you kick the bucket. And that's pretty much it. It just seems too dull to me.

Blame it on my wild imagination but I always like to think that there can be something else out there, that there is. Because let's face it if there is more to what we see or at least if you think that there is, it sort of changes your entire perspective on things, doesn't it?

Urban fantasy gives me the opportunity to explore the "What If?"

What if there were vampires or werewolves? Or what if real witches existed? What if the world was full of Fae? Or if angels and demons walked among us? Heck, even aliens-- just for the sake of there being something more to this sometimes boring, mundane world that we see.

I love that I can open any urban fantasy novel and be transported to another place or another dimension similar to my own and yet not. As I read I envision the cities where the story unfolds and see the events happening.

Sometimes the heroes are everyday joes; sometimes they're not, but maybe they do a pretty good job at pretending that they are. Sometimes the 'monsters' are hidden, tucked away so that the humans never find out about them and the underground society living right under their noses; and sometimes it's too late for humanity. The adventures the characters have and the people that they meet are 20,000 times more exciting than anything that I'm doing in my own life, and for a second I think that maybe I'm not crazy, that other people think the same way that I do.

And it brings me back to thinking: "What If?"



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