Thursday, August 18, 2011

New in Video Games: Silent Hill HD Collection Hitting Xbox 360!

Relive the fonder memories of zombie hunting
and running for your life... in HD.

It's no secret that I love video games, any spare ounce of free time that is not spent with my nose in a book or typing furiously at the computer is preoccupied with gaming. Another announcement that just made this week even better! Looks like Konami is re-releasing some of the Silent Hill games for Xbox 360... in HD! Woohoo!

The Silent Hill HD Collection, which contains Silent Hill 2 and 3, was originally thought to only be available for PlayStation 3. The HD games contain reworked, high def graphics, new voice talent, and new achievements and trophies to unlock.

Unfortunately the collection isn't due out until early 2012, but I guess I can keep playing all of my old Resident Evil and Dead Rising games until then.

Read about the Silent Hill HD Collection here.


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