Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Movie News: On DVD and Blu-Ray - “DYLAN DOG: DEAD OF NIGHT”

WHO WOULD’VE GUESSED the undead could be so lively? Sam Huntingdon, currently the werewolf of Syfy’s “Being Human,” breathes life into Dylan Dog’s zombie sidekick, Marcus. Huntington attends a Zombie Support Group (“Hi, my name is Marcus … and I’m dead.”) He also uses his own body parts as weapons when required. The pace always picks up when he’s onscreen.That can’t be said of Brandon Routh’s title character, swamped by character introductions and meaningless plot twists.

The movie is inspired by a comic by Tiziano Sclavi, published in Italy. There Dylan Dog, a paranormal detective based in London, gets on well with cops and critters as he polices the nightmare land of human/supernatural encounters.

He’s a suave, love ‘em and leave ‘em kind of guy with an amusing sidekick. Dark Horse, who also publishes “Hellboy” and “Buffy The Vampire Hunter” comics, has published some of Sclavi’s stories." Check out the full review here: http://hamptonroads.com/2011/07/barking-bad-tree-‘dylan-dog’

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