Friday, August 26, 2011

TV News: Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting!

I have an unhealthy obsession with Supernatural. Nothing makes Friday nights more enjoyable than knowing that after work I get to kick back, sit on the couch and veg out on chinese food while I watch my two favorite TV characters kick demon ass. Okay, so it also helps that they are hot.

But unlike some shows that need hot actors to get through the painful writing and dialogue. Supernatural's writers are genius. The episodes are always hilarious, the fight scenes always awesome, and the effects have just the right amount of creepiness to make the monsters believable.

And just so you know, calling me anytime after 9 on Friday night is a bad idea and I will quickly wisk you off the phone so I can watch my show in peace, if I even bother to pick up at all. Sure, I could TiVo it or catch it on Hulu, but why would I want to do that when I could just watch it on Friday. Ummm?

Anyway, that's why I'm so excited about the release of this book... erm, hunting guide: Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting by David Reed. (Click to read an excerpt from the book.)

The summary sounds awesome:
"My name is Bobby Singer. In twenty-four hours I’m gonna lose my memory. So here’s everything you need to know. Monsters, demons, angels, vampires, the boogeyman under your bed: I’ve seen it, I’ve hunted it, I’ve killed it. I’m not the only hunter out here, but there aren’t as many as there used to be. Not near as many as there need to be. I’ve learned everything I can about every damned critter that walks, crawls, or flies, and I’m not gonna let that all be for nothing. I’m not going down without a fight. I’m not letting everything I’ve learned disappear. So that’s what you’re holding in your hands—everything I know. Anything that’d be useful for Sam, Dean, and the hunters that come after me. It’s a guide to’s a guide to me. My last will and testament. Ya idjits."
The premise is that Bobby's losing his memory so he writes down his experiences as a hunter and tries to impart some wisdom to the Winchesters before he turns into a complete vegetable. 

I love the writing. It's written just how I'd imagine Bobby would write; it's like you can hear his voice reading the words on the page. Pretty neat if you ask me.

Should you get this and brush up on your monster hunting skills before the zombie apocalypse? I think so.

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