Thursday, July 14, 2011

Would You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse? Well... would you?

World War Z...

The Zombie Apocalypse...

Whatever you call it, it's more than likely that if you're checking out this blog you probably have at least thought about it... once. Or twice...

Or maybe you're completely paranoid and you think about the prospect of a deadly virus outbreak that turns unsuspecting humans into shuffling, groaning, undead with a taste for human brains--all the time. You vigilantly study any zombie books you can find and have seen movies like Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later, and Zombieland more times than you can count.

You've studied every martial arts form known to man--even Krav Maga; and you've even thought about buying a high powered rifle, just in case (or a machete... a machete works too). Even so, you still draw a blank when faced with certain scenarios. Scenarios that not even Dead Rising can prepare you for.

You scour the internet looking for answers to what you think are obvious life or death questions when one is faced with a full out zombie attack.

"What if the zombies swarm my hotel room?"

"The zombies are in the subway station... how can I make it out alive?!"

"I've taken my child to the playground and now we're surrounded by a horde of teenage zombies!"

"My Broadway show has been interrupted by zombies attacking the audience!"

Inquiring minds want to know. That's where blogger and zombie survival expert, Alex Eamonson (@zombieblog for you twitter junkies), comes in. Each Monday he posts zombie survival scenarios on his blog, ZSP: Zombie Survival Plans, that you will need to know and memorize so you can guarantee that you'll live to see another day during the zombie apocalypse.

He also has excellent tips about escaping those pesky fast moving zombies that popular zombie research has failed to tell you about (with the exception of Left 4 Dead).

But don't just take my word for it. Go there and check it out. So when 82-year-old Ms. Mason from across the street catches the zombie bug and starts chowing down on the Sullivans next'll be ready.


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