Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Comic News: The Horrors of Comic-Con 2011 - Check out the Wednesday/Thursday Schedule!

If you are lucky enough to go to Comic-Con this year--or just plan smarter than the rest of us--be sure to check out Wednesday and Thursday's schedules. There's enough zombies, vampires, demons, ghosts and werewolves packed into two solid days to make even the most seasoned horror movie affectionato cower in fear.

So while you're staring into your closet and trying to decided whether you should go as the Flash again this year, the rest of us are silently seething at you behind our work computers, enviously wishing that the donut and coffee that we had for breakfast this morning could somehow fill the gaping hole of emptiness in our hearts. has posted the full schedule on their site: The Horrors of Comic-Con 2011: Wednesday/Thursday Schedule -


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