Friday, June 24, 2011

TV News: Watch Supernatural Season 6 Anytime You Want...

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Dean and Sam make looking cool look cool.

*Now I can feel less guilty about these TV show posts.* 

If you're a Supernatural fan you're probably dreading the three months that you have to wait before Season 7 starts on the CW. 

You don't know what hell is like but maybe it's starting to feel like it as you count down the days, then hours, then seconds until Sept. 23. You literally start to feel your brain begin to melt as you are forced to flip through shows like 16 and Pregnant and Jersey Shore. Maybe you've even considered watching one of these shows just to see what the hype is. 

But let's not do things we can't take back...

Never fear loyal Supernatural fan, Season 6 is coming to DVD and BluRay sooner than you may think. 

Okay, so maybe sooner means September... but aren't you completely focused on buying it now? 

On Sept. 13 Season 6 of the hit series will be available on DVD for $59.98, and if you were suckered into buying BluRay like you're truly, $69.97. 

The six disc set will come complete with these bonus features: 
  •  Jensen Ackles: A Director's Journey featurette 
  •  Supernatural and the Quest for the Soul featurette 
  •  A Hunter's Guide to Season 6 (BD only) 
  • Audio Commentary on "Clap Your Hands if you Believe" with EPs Robert Singer, Sera Gamble, and Ben Edlund 
  • Audio Commentary on "The French Mistake" with EP's Robert Singer, Sera Gamble and Ben Edlund. 
  • Pop Up Trivia Track (BD only) 
  • "The French Mistake" Alternate Takes and Outtakes 
  • Gag Reel 
  • Easter Egg  
  • Two bonus episodes from Supernatural: The Anime Series - "All Hell Breaks Loose" Parts 1 & 2 
In the mean time you can catch up on those other Supernatural Seasons you might have missed... 

Supernatural Season 6 is coming soon to DVD and BluRay check out IGN's article here:


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